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Offbeat, old-school, bejewelled: Autumn 2018 hair accessories ready to go

Offbeat, old-school, bejewelled: Autumn 2018 hair accessories ready to go

The Autumn 2018 shows are now over, and results of the various fashion weeks are in. It seems that hair accessories are having a moment, and according to the runways, there are several ways to wear them.


Hair clips got a dazzling makeover for Autumn 2018, with multiple designers using the accessory to inject some sparkle into their beauty look. Zadig & Voltaire showcased playful silver clips in striking lightning forms, while Chanel’s stylist Sam McKnight adorned the models’ messy top knots with good old fashioned “Double C” clips.

Max Mara was also a fan of the monogrammed, studded hair clip, and Dolce & Gabbana took the trend to more extreme measures with glittering, tiara-style headpieces.


Designers got nostalgic for the hair accessories of old this season, reaching back into the 1980s and ’90s for inspiration. Prabal Gurung’s stretchy alice bands channeled middle-school chic, and were showcased by Bella Hadid et al along with messy chignons.

Alexander Wang’s banana clips were a big talking point, thanks to a style that saw the models double up on retro grips in metallic colours, while Christian Siriano took a preppy approach, crafting old-school ponytails featuring a row of three barrette clips.

Faustine Steinmetz also doubled down on tortoise shell barrettes for an intellectual take on French girl beauty.

hair accessories

Prabal Gurung.


This being the major fashion weeks, there were of course several more alternative hair accessories on show. Tom Ford gave the wide headband an edgy update by reimagining it in leather textures for a sexy athleisure vibe, and Dries Van Noten’s show saw the models’ side parts accented with singular ostrich feathers dyed in vibrant colours. – AFP Relaxnews

hair accessories

Tom Ford.

7 key runway shows of the AW18 New York Fashion Week

7 key runway shows of the AW18 New York Fashion Week

From a garden party to beach-side holiday, there were plenty of optimism seen at the recent New York Fashion Week. Yet, the occasion also saw several designers taking their last bow on stage.

The collections presented strong messages as well, with one making a statement on women’s rights and another taking a stand against “rules” that dictate dressing.

Here are the highlights of the Autumn/Winter 2018 shows.

Moving On

It was all smiles for Victoria Beckham, despite it being her last show at New York Fashion Week. Starting September, she will join the London calendar – her “homecoming” of sorts.

Beckham’s collection for this season showed off a lot of coats and jackets, each either belted or with a strong shoulder. She also featured tight leggings, leather cuffs, and printed silk that spoke of modernity.

New York Fashion Week

A Dose Of Escapism

Ralph Lauren provided an escape from the mundane with a collection inspired by Jamaica. Guests were transported to a paradise setting, with the set mimicking a coastal cabana.

The clothes included colours like yellow and green and regatta pennants, as well as pops of red and blue in bold graphic designs. There were also yacht motifs and lots of white.

New York Fashion Week

One Final Bow

Carolina Herrera said goodbye to her eponymous label by putting up a grand farewell show. The designs seen on the runway were not only bold, but classic and elegant at the same time.

Herrera, who is stepping down as creative director, will nevertheless, stay on in the role of global brand ambassador. She has named designer Wes Gordon as her successor.

New York Fashion Week

Making Fashion Fun

Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia of Oscar de la Renta are breaking the fashion rules this season. The duo presented evening looks that were surprisingly (or rather, beautifully) casual.

A sequined skirt worn with a simple sweater, for example. There was also a fun evening coat in filmy tulle, which provided a lighter take on the satin version that de la Renta used to do.

New York Fashion Week

Women Power

Current “it” model Gigi Hadid opened Prabal Gurung’s show, and her equally popular sister, Bella, closed it. The designer’s vibrant collection was apparently inspired by the women-led Mosuo tribe of China.

Gurung, raised by a single mother in Nepal, said in an interview later that he has long had matriarchies on his mind for a collection. He only went ahead with this one because of the recent rise of women empowerment movements.

New York Fashion Week

Going Corporate

It was a last hurrah for Alexander Wang at New York Fashion Week as well. Next season, he will be debuting his collections in the (more commercially viable) months of June and December.

The man definitely means business, and his current collection showed it. While mini skirts were paired with power suits, tights and leggings came emblazoned with credit card numbers.

New York Fashion Week

Flower Power

Romance, florals and the euphoric smell of moss set the mood at Tory Burch’s runway show. The silhouettes were observed to be relaxed, yet refined with feminine details.

Loose, fluid dresses with scarf hemlines balanced tomboy jackets and trim blazers. Layered outerwear – from a classic peacoat to a blanket poncho – added to the effortless vibe.

New York Fashion Week

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