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Crystal Cleansing Water and DIY Stone Facials: Girl Undiscovered Gives Ethical Skincare An Ethereal Spin

Crystal Cleansing Water and DIY Stone Facials: Girl Undiscovered Gives Ethical Skincare An Ethereal Spin

It’s for the dreamer, the wanderer who wants to make the world a little more interesting and beautiful…”

“We were drawn to crystals for a myriad of reasons; visually, how they sound in the bottle, the way they capture the light, and how they represent more of a holistic view of the world — a belief in a bit of magic in the universe,” explain Charlotte Devereux and Philly Gebbie, co-founders of Girl Undiscovered, of the otherworldly powers behind their New Zealand-based brand that’s built a reputation for their transparency and ethical ingredient sourcing.

With collagen-boosting thanaka tree bark, anti-inflammatory kanuka honey, and healing cold pressed coconut oil infused to their ethereal line of products, the pair is proving that 100% wild is as efficacious as organic, with a sustainable edge.

What IS Crystal Cleansing Water?

According to Charlotte and Philly, the label was created to offer natural skincare for the “girl who wanted a bit more from her beauty products — it’s for the dreamer, the wanderer who wants to make the world a little more interesting and beautiful,” and the quartz crystals the brand has become notorious for (which are sourced ethically from Brazil) encapsulate this philosophy.

The brand’s culty Under The Waterfall Crystal Cleansing Water is infused with several stones including citrine, rose and amethyst quartz. “There’s something relaxing and quite charming about the way they gently clink together in the glass bottle and activate as you use it.” The water itself is a unique fusion of cucumber, aloe juice, thanaka bark extract and coconut water that work together to brighten and cleanse skin without harsh chemicals or acids. “We liked the idea of elevating this into a sensory experience with the crystals, the way they look, sound and emanate light and good energy in the bottle.”

Mastering The Energetic Stone Facial:

Taking the experience to a supernatural level is top of mind for the pair. “We created these products to encourage girls to take time for themselves in the effort to help make skincare rituals part of their wider selfcare practice,” they explain as we discuss the energetic stone massage designed to accompany their Stars Aligning Face Elixir Oil. “We have a set of six Stars Aligning Crystals to accompany our elixir for a DIY facial — using these to massage the oil into your face helps balance and illuminate your skin with an extra kind of power.”


Concentrating on the contours of your jawline, brows and cheekbones, massage the crystals over the facial elixir to help release muscle tension in the face as well as drain away any puffiness from the day.

“Your skin will not only glow, but the crystals will help you to relax and bring you a sense of calm,” Charlotte and Philly note — and they should know. “Almost each surface of our headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand, is adorned with some kind of crystal collection — they’re constantly bringing us inspiration and positive energy!”

Let’s Make This Crystal Clear: Natural Sunscreens That Won’t Turn Your Skin White

Let’s Make This Crystal Clear: Natural Sunscreens That Won’t Turn Your Skin White

Because chalky residue is the summer bummer you can finally do without…

There are certain beauty product faux pas that make me want to shake my fist and write an angry letter to the owner. At the tippy tip top of the list? Natural sunscreens that turn you head-to-toe white, even though they oft masquerade as “sheer” formulas.

The number of times I’ve stepped out of the ocean after trying to play it safe by applying mineral sunscreen and soon realized that the combination of H2O and its chalky ingredients turned me into a body-painted beach clown are too many to count. Rude!

Instead of continuing the cycle, I’ve put together a list of the tried and true formulas that go on clear and STAY that way when faced with a casual perspiration moustache or a quick dip. And for the rare transparent sport formulas, feel free to catch some waves and sweat it out in an outdoor yoga session with confidence — you won’t be disappointed.

This hydrating argan oil spiked formula defies logic — it applies like a botanical oil without the greasy feel, and miraculously prevents the baby oil burn of your youth.

Perfect for every outdoor occasion, from sweaty picnic to pool party, this heavenly mist doesn’t even require rubbing to completely disappear from sight.

A no-brainer, apply this before makeup to act as a sun-shielding primer that won’t leave you with a pale face.

Water-resistant and grease-free, the antioxidant-packed ingredients nourish skin while they apply like a super sheer lotion.

This crystal-clear stick of hydrating sun protection doubles as a highlighter for a highly photographable finish.

10 Things to Pack for FP’s Malibu Escape and Still Make Economy-Class Work

10 Things to Pack for FP’s Malibu Escape and Still Make Economy-Class Work

A no-nonsense packing strategy finally means you can travel more…     

Welcome to the jetset revolution, y’all — and it’s called economy class. Why not let these modern times, where shoulder-sized carryons qualify you for significantly less expensive flights, work in your favor? When smaller bags offer lower prices to your favorite destinations, a streamlined packing routine means you can afford to travel more. Say, for instance, to the next FP Escape in Malibu that benefits a worthy cause.

If sampling biodynamic, organic produce straight from the farm and lounging in a field under the stars for a plant-based dinner party sounds like a Saturday well spent, you’re in good company. Feel more like taking in a morning soundbath before paddle boarding off of the unspoiled beaches of Point Dume? Easy — that’s on Sunday.

The weekend of July 28th, Free People partners with Malibu Fig Tree Ranch & Native Hotel for a feel=good round of experiences (peppered with musicians and mindfulness pros) which gives back to Girls Inc., meaning all proceeds will be donated to programs that empower the next generation of superbabes. Who doesn’t want to make good on that female future promise?

And with that, here are 10 no-nonsense travel essentials for you to Tetris into a stealth tote and get moving:

This hydrating wand of sun protection multitasks as your SPF, highlighter and, in a pinch, your morning moisturizer. Plus, there’s no chance it will leave an oily residue on your skin or the contents of your bag, thanks to its balancing formula and spill-proof packaging.

Avoid post-flight breakouts with these complexion capsules, cleverly packaged for single-servings. Offering a clinically proven ratio of brightening and clarifying ingredients, these also help keep your skin hydrated for a dewier on-the-go complexion.

A tiny wonder, this vitamin-infused gel not only grooms your brows to natural, believable perfection — it also conditions them for a healthier set of arches. If you need a little more emphasis on the eyes, their waterproof Yoga Mascara will last through Sunday’s salty waves.

The tasty contents of little packets can be swished around in your mouth at any point in your trip for a teeth-whitening, breath-freshening delight. Use a pair of TSA-approved nail clippers to pop the top and enjoy.

More than just an oil-absorbing, style-extending puff of volumizing powder, this mango-scented formula offers UV coverage for your hair and scalp — AKA no painfully burned center part after a day drenched in sun.

Taking up barely more space than a box of Tic Tacs, this charcoal and bamboo-infused deodorant swaps toxic ingredients for detoxifying magic. BONUS: its aluminium-free formula means no more yellow stains on your favorite tees.

Pick a color of the rainbow and channel your inner Bardot with a wide, flyaway-taming headband that will make as much sense at morning yoga as it will at a bohemian dinner party.

A classic pinafore staple, the versatility of a black coverall can’t be denied. Pick berries in these. Walk the beach in these. Sit in the grass and don’t worry that you might stand up with green stains in these.

Sun-protective sleeves and mock necks on swimsuits are the best thing to happen to your skin — and your wardrobe. Perfect for a paddle board, this chic one-piece can double as a bodysuit under those shortalls or a pair of vintage jeans.

Cheeky throwback appeal doesn’t take away from the fact that these foam flatforms are just the kind of lightweight, day-to-night footwear that won’t weigh you down. You can even throw on a pair of socks to approximate a closed toe for any low-key outdoor activities.

“I’m Obsessed”: Winky Lux’s pH-Activated Balms and 90s-Inspired Glosses Are A Makeup Artist’s Dream

“I’m Obsessed”: Winky Lux’s pH-Activated Balms and 90s-Inspired Glosses Are A Makeup Artist’s Dream

Celebrity makeup artist Omayma Ramzy sounds off on why the adorable packaging isn’t the only reason to fall in love with every lip-hugging option…                                                                      

The first thing I’d like everyone to know about Winky Lux is that not only is the packaging super cute, but the products work amazingly!” makeup artist Omayma Ramzy shouts in her everything-sounds-charming British accent as we talk about the brand’s new launches, a gilded capsule of 24kt Gold Glimmer Balm and one adorably holographic Pixie Kit grab bag.

Omayma. Photo by Michael Blank.

“I first stumbled upon Winky Lux in my friend’s makeup kit, and then of course fell in love with their pill packaging and glimmer balms—I’m obsessed,” Ramzy admits of fueling the line’s internet-breaking Flower Balm frenzy. The UK-born, LA-based beauty master, known for perfecting the highly lensed faces of clients like trip-pop singer CYN and actresses Georgie Flores and Marisol Nichols, isn’t even associated with the brand, she’s just genuinely infatuated with their famous balms’ natural finishes and foolproof results. Below, her artist’s guide to maximizing every perfect, paraben-free swipe:

“Everyone obsessed over the Glimmer Balm… we know, we KNOW — cute packaging, perfect shimmer — but the 24kt Gold Glimmer Balm is just beyond,” Ramzy shares of the luxe new gold-on-gold capsule that she deems “your new bestie.” With its natural vanilla-infused coconut scent, the sparkling bullet reacts to your personal pH levels for a dreamy your-lips-but-better shade. “Its pH magic gives you the perfect-for-you pink, and then takes it to the next level with a subtle gold glimmer over for a subtle, shimmery win.” Consider it a warmer option to its older sister’s icy sheen.

PRO TIP: “I love using this on its own, or even using it to reactivate any lipstick when you don’t have all the time in the world to re-perfect this morning’s lip.” 

“A Perfect Little Lip Kit”: The Pixie Kit 

“Let’s face it, one lip just won’t do for every aspect of your day-to-day, day-to-night routine,” Ramzy declares of the need for a failsafe-yet-highly-edited mix of shades and finishes. With three full-sized options including the coveted Flower Balm (color-changing technology encasing a real chrysanthemum), Glossy Boss tube in Juicy (infused with food-grade vanilla and nourishing Vitamin E), and Glimmer Balm (unicorn-inspired with a touch of “galactic glitter”), the kit checks every sheer, believable box for effortless, healthy color. “It’s a perfect little lip kit — who doesn’t love making effortless easy?!” Ramzy enthuses of the full package. “The Glossy Boss is the perfect 90s shade — natural, but more. You can wear it thin or layer it on heavy, I love a glossy lip with a slightly matted skin for contrast and this one does the trick perfectly,” she shares of the time-traveling lacquer. “I’m a big multi-use fan, which is why the Glimmer Balm is also a must — I love adding this over my favorite lipstick for the perfect natural shimmer.” And who could resist the appeal of its portable fairy wand aesthetic?

PRO TIP: “I like using the Flower Balm in a fresh daytime look, with clean skin and a bit of shimmer on my eyes. A great little trick I like to do is to blend a small amount onto my cheeks when I’m in a rush and ta-dah! You also have the perfect dewy blush.”

“This Stuff Is Magic”: Why The Gentle Label’s Organic Healing Balm Is The New Cult Classic

“This Stuff Is Magic”: Why The Gentle Label’s Organic Healing Balm Is The New Cult Classic

Can one clean, genius product revolutionize your entire routine?

When I ask Genevieve Tan about the kind of feedback she’s getting for her wonder product, an understated tube of Organic Healing Balm, she replies simply, “this stuff is magic.” And as the do-it-all salve celebrates its first birthday this month, loyal fans of her London-based brand The Gentle Label might be onto something.

Like a stepped-up version of the Paw Paw ointments makeup artists and models swear by backstage every NYFW, the Organic Healing Balm brings another power player into the mix. Derived from papaya, natural enzymes resurface lips without the need for chemical exfoliants, while Tan’s addition of nourishing calendula heals dry, chapped skin. “Conventional balms create the illusion of moisture, while their harsh ingredients can cause skin to become irritated, dry out, and age much more quickly than it should,” she shares of her instinct to nix petrochemicals from the recipe.

Its main purpose? Multi, of course. “It can be used anywhere from hair to heels,” Tan explains of her goal to make a unisex, streamlined product with the potential to be the only moisturizer you need to pack. “It soothes and heals cuts, burns, and bites, and it even provides relief after a fresh wax or new tattoo,” she notes of the lip-balm-meets-primer-meets-hand-cream-meets-makeup-remover-meets-wonder-salve. Below, a few of Tan’s bonus tips for maximizing the modern minimalist’s newest essential:

1. Apply a thin layer to lips and leave on while doing the rest of your make-up. Blot off just prior to applying lipstick for a smoother canvas and stronger, longer-lasting colour.

2. Dab onto a cotton swab to clean up eyeliner mistakes or smudged mascara without having to remove all of your eye makeup at once.

3. Turn powder pigments into a natural, dewy blush or tinted lip gloss by blending with a bit of balm.

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