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4 facial devices and what they can do for your skin

4 facial devices and what they can do for your skin

Ever since facial cleansing brushes made their first appearance more than a decade ago, we have seen a plethora of beauty devices flooding the market. These devices employ various technologies and techniques – from light therapy, T-Sonic pulsations to negative ion-based – to facilitate deep cleansing or a mask treatment. All which you can do at home or while travelling.

Whatever the features, they all have the same intention – to promote better-looking skin. Here’s a look at four devices currently available in the market.

Fit For Women On-The-Go

Clarisonic started the sonic skin cleansing system in 2004. To cater to modern women on the go, it has developed Mia FIT, its first compact sonic cleansing device for women. The travel-friendly device provides a gentle and effective cleanse be it at the gym, the airplane, at work or at home.

The Mia FIT has the power of a full-sized Clarisonic device but at half the size. It features two settings for different cleansing needs – a 60-second delicate cleanse for everyday impurities and a 80-second power cleanse for after workouts or to remove heavier makeup.

The device, which comes in three colours, offers a brush head designed with smooth, soft bristles for a relaxing experience while helping to improve skin texture. For men, there is the Alpha Fit, the brand’s sonic cleansing device that cleanses both shaven and bearded skin.

facial devices

Mia Fit is Clarisonic’s first compact sonic cleansing device for women.

Eliminating Friction

Negative ions naturally occur in deep forests and near waterfalls, and scientists believe that they help to purify air and improve our well-being. American brand Nion offers a negative ion charged silicone cleansing device.

Its new Opus line of skin cleansing devices combines premium silicone cleansing bristles with naturally occurring negative ion particles which help clean up invisible environmental toxins from the skin. Negative ions work like magnets that attach to positive-charged environmental toxins on the skin, creating a heavier element which gets rinsed away.

This range of device also incorporates a Kinetic Skin Cleansing feature, an up-and-down motion against the skin surface, eliminating friction caused by side-to-side scrubbing motion – believed to clean better and keep skin supple. There are six devices in the range – Opus 2Go, Opus Renew, Opus Express, Opus Daily, Opus Luxe and Opus Elite – to cater to different needs, as well as a body scrubbing wand.

facial devices

Opus Elite is one of six negative ion-charged silicone cleansing devices from Nion Beauty.

Benefits Unmasked

Swedish brand Foreo introduces a new UFO, a smart mask treatment that offers spa-level facial treatments in under two minutes. The device combines LED light therapy with cryo-therapy, thermo-therapy and T-Sonic pulsations activated via your smartphone.

The UFO, (Ur Future Obsession) delivers a complete facial treatment in 90 seconds, evenly distributing the mask essence while active ingredients penetrate deeper. A range of LED light therapy treatments offer three photofacials including anti-ageing, brightening and anti-acne. Each treatment incorporates a combination of temperature and pulsation intensity for best effects.

The device works together with two special soft microfibre sheet masks. The masks are infused with plant and fruit extracts, concentrated botanical oils and natural flower water, with each formula pairing with a specific UFO treatment.

The UFO can be paired with the Foreo app to get the most out of the device. It includes a medical grade silicone body, a 100% waterproof design and a USB-charger.

facial devices

The Foreo UFO is a smart mask treatment that is said to offer spa-level facial treatments in under two minutes.

Follow The Light

From Talika comes the Light Duo+, the latest Talika Light device that targets deep wrinkles and dark spots while soothing skin. Inspired by aerospace research, Talika combines an anti-ageing, multi-programme light into one single device for younger-looking skin.

The device contains the Light 590 collagen booster, Light 525 skin lightener and Light 630 anti-redness and skin smoother.

The Light 590 works by stimulating fibroblasts, which produce collagen, the Light 525 regulates the melanocytes to reduce brown spots and lighten the skin, while the Light 630 reduces pro-inflammatory cytokine production, which reduces redness and irritation.

facial devices

Light Duo is the latest Talika Light device that targets deep wrinkles and dark spots while soothing skin.

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