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Celebrating the radiance of Malaysian women

Celebrating the radiance of Malaysian women

She is cultured, full of spiritual wealth and has an inner radiance. Worldly, eclectic, influential and magnetic are only some of the qualities that make up her DNA. This is who the admirable Clé de Peau Beauté Woman is. This year’s Beauty and Beyond campaign, running for the second consecutive year, honours women with exceptional radiance, intelligence and perseverance.

Che Puan Juliana Evans

Che Puan Juliana Evans

Che Puan Juliana Evans
Actress, Host, Jewellery Designer turned Entrepreneur

At the age of 12, Che Puan Juliana Evans made her first television appearance and was highly sought after for commercials. She soon realised she was a natural in front of the camera and began dabbling in hosting and acting.

Before long, she achieved success as an actress, however, she decided to move to the United States to further her studies, enrolling in Western Michigan University and graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in film, video and media studies. Part of the reason she decided to pursue a degree was due to the fact that she craved for solitude and anonymity, having being thrust into the limelight at such a young age.

“I started working when most kids were still playing hopscotch and having been exposed so early, I lost half of my childhood. I do not intend to be robbed of my teenage and young adult life as well.”

Recently, she decided to try her hand at entrepreneurship, launching her own jewellery line while keeping her goal of becoming a director clearly in sight. She sees Jevans Jewelry as a platform to engage with her fans and enabling them to have a piece of her.

“Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved accessories with a natural ability to make them,” she said, adding that she is inspired by the people she surrounds herself with.

To her, radiance is defined as rays of light that glow on a woman’s face when enveloped with confidence, happiness and love. Her radiance is at its peak having embraced married life, starting a thriving jewellery business and in her role as the host of Fly Us To Asia as well as the release of her new movie Pulang.

Phoebe Yap

Phoebe Yap

Phoebe Yap
Radio Announcer, TV Host, Singer, Producer, World Vision Ambassador, Child Sponsorship

Phoebe Yap found her calling in the broadcasting industry, thanks to her ability to converse in multiple dialects and being a natural behind the microphone and camera, as well as having great people skills.

The eldest of three siblings, Phoebe believes that spirituality is not about being religious, but rather how one conducts himself or herself in life, with the true test being in how one treats others in times of anger and distress.

This led to her appointment as an Ambassador of World Vision, where she learned the systematic way of rendering aid to the less fortunate.
A recent trip to Lesotho with the organisation taught her to always remember how fragile life is – the trip transformed her perspective and she set her mind on the importance of continuously advocating positive thoughts, especially when faced with trying times.

In her role as a public persona, she has the ability to adapt and learn on the go, turning the pressure she faces into motivation to fuel her
growth, while also understanding her own strengths and weaknesses.

Chanelling her stress through yoga, Phoebe says that yoga shapes her physically through the endurance poses but more importantly, it brings along a calming clarity to her mind and soul.She believes that great change begins with a single step. and believes in wanting that change to happen for the better.

Her definition of radiance is to live life to the fullest and never stop chasing dreams, for when there is hope, there are possibilities. She remains grounded with the sentence, “never ask how much I can get but how much I can give.”

Dr Helena Lim

Dr Helena Lim

Dr Helena Lim
Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Fertility Specialist, Director KL Fertility & Gynaecology Center

Growing up in an academic family surrounded by strong, intelligent and forward-thinking women, it’s no surprise Dr Helena Lim turned out to be the resolute woman she is today.

Her interest in reproductive medicine stemmed from childhood exposure to her neighbours who were renowned professors in genetic engineering, nurturing her interest in genetics and human reproduction.

The desire to have a child is inherent in most women, however many are judged if they are unable to conceive, when in fact half the time infertility is due to male factors.

Being a woman and a medical infertility specialist are elements that set Dr Helena apart from her male counterparts, and as a mother of three the ability to put herself in the shoes of her patients provides a different dimension.

The male-dominated profession is due to the demanding training required in the area of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, in addition to the
erratic working hours plus mentally and physically challenging work nature.

Then there are personal sacrifices at the expense of relationships, pregnancies and family life. All these issues place a great hurdle for women pursuing this profession.

As a fertility specialist, the ability to dissect the problems faced in this area is her specialty.

Admitting that juggling motherhood, running a practice and managing two websites is challenging, she says that having a support system
helps, crediting her parents as her greatest supporters. Her definition of a radiant woman is one who is beautiful inside and out.

Sasibai Kimis

Sasibai Kimis

Sasibai Kimis
Social entrepreneur, Founder of Earth Heir

A finance and development graduate from Wharton Business School and University of Cambridge, Sasibai Kimis was selected as one of Wharton’s “40 under 40” award winners and as an Eisenhower Fellow in the 2015 Women’s Leadership Program, which focuses on the issues of social entrepreneurship, ethical fashion and innovation.

Having worked in New York, London and Ghana, Sasi left her career in investment banking and private equity at her peak, in her early 30s, after thinking of life’s bigger picture and her purpose of existence on a drive home from work.

Enjoying success at a young age, she couldn’t help but feel like something was missing, and embarked on a year of travel before coming back home to her family and working at Khazanah Nasional as Vice President in the Investments Division.

It was during a teaching stint in Cambodia that she found her calling which led her on the path to setting up Earth Heir, a business dedicated to making sustainable change through working with craftspeople to support their livelihood, advocating fair payment and ethical partnership.

Today, it thrives on the mission to highlight artisans from all states in Malaysia, creating a space to showcase works from different tribes and serving as an educational platform to teach fellow Malaysians of their heritage.

To her, “Radiance is when the joy in someone’s heart and soul shines on their face and being.”

Dr Er Ping Ling

Dr Er Ping Ling

Dr Er Ping Ling
Medical Doctor

A keen interest in preventive medicine and public health in medical school led Dr Er to dedicate her special study thesis in this area, including topics such as the effect of antioxidants on Alzheimer’s disease and the pathophysiology and management of heart failure.

During her free time, Dr Er works as a health screening doctor, explaining blood test and scan results to patients and giving advice on improving health through lifestyle changes.

A strong proponent on the importance of early screening for earlier intervention, she believes prevention is better than cure.

Volunteer work is second nature to her, as made obvious by her decision to volunteer at the East Sussex Association of Blind and Partially Sighted People (ESAB) in the UK, where she assisted in letter-reading and grocery shopping.

She has also done volunteer work in Nepal, where she gained insight on prioritising the usage of limited resources.

As a medical practitioner with long hours on the job, Dr Er has a solution for keeping physical and mental health exhaustion at bay — she begins the day by giving out positive affirmations and hope, and feels that it is very important to continue to empower herself and move forward during hard times.

When asked about her biggest achievement, Dr Er says that she has not faced any major setbacks she could not overcome, seeing challenges as an inevitable part of growth.

“All roads lead to Rome. If there is a problem, there will be a solution; we just need to find it. Not forgetting every problem thrown at you has a hidden blessing attached to it. As the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining.”

Joey Cheong

Joey Cheong

Joey Cheong
Former National Rhythmic Gymnast, Former Coach – Children Gymnastics

The free-spirited Joey was trained by coaches from Russia and China from a young age, learning the value of discipline and perseverance through grueling training sessions. Despite the demanding schedule, she strode on to achieve the standards she still upholds to this day, which paved the way for her to achieve many accolades throughout her career as a gymnast.

Joey graduated with the highest honours from the International Gymnastics Federation, and to date there are only seven gymnasts of such calibre in Malaysia, with Joey being the youngest.

The former national level champion today continues to be heavily involved in the world of gymnastics, through her role as a coach.

In 2016, she decided to change up her routine by relocating to Paris, where she took the bold step of enrolling in the Ecole Philippe Gaulier Theatre of Performing Arts, where she fell in love with the beauty of poetry-in-motion.

“Having to balance the contrasting difference between the disciplines of a gymnast, where my coaches practised military-style training while Philippe Gaulier advocates freedom in performing arts … it’s almost like being firm and fluid at the same time,” said Joey.

This opened her eyes to a whole new perspective on performing, leading to the discovery that imperfections can be a form of near perfection, grasping the concept of “mirrorrelationship” where one has to listen to one’s soul to find the place of self-belonging and self-belief.

Today, in addition to coaching, which remains her first love, she has joined her family business and taken on the role of director in M7
Plantation Berhad, a management company focusing on investments in the agricultural and food production sector (specifically, the Musang King D197 durian variant).

Thrilled at the prospect of learning new ventures, being in an unfamiliar environment is a welcome challenge to her.

Joey’s motto in life is: “The right place to show your character is on stage, so pick your stage”, which she coined in Paris and lives by religiously.

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