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New Innisfree cleansers get personal with makeup removal

New Innisfree cleansers get personal with makeup removal

South Korean beauty brand Innisfree has just dropped its Innisfree My Makeup Cleanser line that lets you choose exactly what you need to clean your face without stripping your skin of moisture.

If you are fastidious about making sure that your makeup is completely and efficiently removed at the end of the day, this is the range of cleansers to look out for.

The brand has developed a line of products dedicated to effectively yet comfortably let you remove your makeup. It’s common for makeup removal products to dry out your skin because as they strip away makeup oils and residue, they also strip the natural moisture from your skin.

The Innisfree My Makeup Cleanser line lets users personalise their cleansing step by choosing the specific removal product they need for the amount of makeup they are wearing, ensuring that you’re only using what you need.

The Innisfree My Makeup Cleanser line includes the Melting Balm, Micellar Oil Water, Creamy Foam, Mascara Remover and Foam Cleansing Tissue.

The Melting Balm is suitable for removing heavy makeup on face, lips and eye areas. Its paste-type formula softly melts, transforming to a gel-type texture that leaves the skin feeling fresh and moist.

The Micellar Oil Water is effective for removing waterproof makeup and is a combination of cleansing oil and micellar water that has a pH neutral formula allowing tear-free cleansing without irritating the eyes.

For removing everyday makeup, the Creamy Foam has a “Moisture Holding Formula” that leaves the skin feeling hydrated and well-refreshed after cleansing. The Foam Cleansing Tissue is a convenient makeup remover that lathers up nicely upon contact with water, to create a bubbly, easy-to-use, makeup removal sheet.

Lastly, for the most fastidious beauty lover, there is the Mascara Remover that removes all types of mascaras including top coats and tints, and it comes with a mascara brush-shaped applicator to help accurately remove mascara lash by lash. Its oil-in-gel formula allows a complete cleansing with a clear finish that is safe and mild with an eye-irritation tested formula.

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