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Crayola’s colourful new makeup line will bring out your inner child

Crayola’s colourful new makeup line will bring out your inner child

If you have always loved Crayola’s amazing multi-coloured wax crayons as a child, you will be chuffed to bits to know that the American crayon, art tools and crafting brand has just made your adult Crayola dreams come true with their new Crayola Beauty makeup.

Crayola just unveiled the creation of Crayola Beauty on their Crayola Beauty Instagram showing a collection of makeup products for women and men.

Staying true to the brand’s ethos of creating multi-use tools for creative expressions that anyone can use, they’ve come up with Crayola Beauty makeup products that can be used anywhere on the face and body.

The highly pigmented Crayola Beauty crayons are suitable for eyes, lips and cheeks, and are ultra creamy in texture.

Crayola has teamed up with Asos, the British online fashion and beauty retailer, on the Crayola x Asos beauty collection that is exclusively available on Asos.

You can now fill up your makeup bag with this 53-piece collection of face crayons, mascaras, highlighter sticks, lip crayons, eyeshadows and more, along with their makeup brushes and pencil case set.

On their Instagram, the brand also announced that the Crayola beauty x Asos makeup collection is “All vegan. All cruelty-free. Because it’s 2018.”

The design and packaging for the Lip & Cheek Crayon, Face Crayon and the Lip Crayon perfectly resembles the original art crayons by the brand, so just make sure you keep your Crayon Beauty makeup away from your Crayon-crazy toddler!


Crayola Beauty makeup products can be used anywhere on the face, and body by women and men.

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