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This is what you get when a taco and a croissant have a baby

This is what you get when a taco and a croissant have a baby

The world is a better place thanks to Instagram. The social network’s picture-forward nature has helped inspire a wave of viral, eye-catching food mash-ups starting with none other than the cronut.

The latest inheritor of the food-craze throne also comes from the croissant line, albeit with a proud Mexican influence: the tacro.

A bakery in California has combined the French pastry with a taco, a traditional dish featuring a corn or flour tortilla laden with any variety of toppings. The resulting tacro features the best traits of its parents, with a beautifully golden and puffy tortilla that’s stuffed with either pulled pork, chicken or vegan pulled pork.

Artfully placed toppings such as radish slices, mango salsa and microgreens make the tacro visually pop, checking off all the boxes for Instagram fame.

Vive La Tarte, in San Francisco, has been selling out of its tacros daily since introducing them in January, according to local media – quite a feat, considering they sell for a whopping US$12 (RM47) each. – dpa

Instagram-famous tacro

Too pretty to eat? Photo: dpa/Michelle Min/Vive La Tarte

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