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Your Fall Face Detox

Your Fall Face Detox

The first step to introducing your skin to this cooler weather? A weekly detox mask to make sure you’re getting as much leftover summer out of your pores as possible.

So long sweet summer, we barely knew ya.

While it may seem like the long, languid, carefree days of summer are far behind us (adios, Labor Day), it’s a surefire bet that your skin isn’t ready, willing or able to forget about the season’s weather quite as quickly.

You see, your skin just spent the last four months adjusting to warmer temperatures, more time outside, harsher sun, and higher humidity. Sure, you spent all of May and June hoping your face would figure it out and swapped in lighter, summer-specific products to help the cause. But the great cosmic joke of it all is that, just as your skin is finally coming to terms with summer weather and maybe even learning to love it—hydrating! That dewy glow! Barely any makeup! — the weather goes and changes again and your skin has to figure it all out again for a different season.

The first step to introducing your skin to this cooler weather? A weekly detox mask to make sure you’re getting as much leftover summer out of your pores as possible. Yeah, you’ve diligently double cleansed after every day at the beach to make sure you’re getting all the sunscreen and sweat out of your pores, but give your skin a helping hand with something like Goldfaden MD’s Facial Detox mask to really draw out dirt and pore-clogging debris. The combination of zinc oxide, sulfur and camphor work to deep-clean skin while also soothing it.

If you’re feeling inflamed from too much sun, double up on masks and make sure the second one is nourishing, hydrating, and soothing. Sheet masks are a great — and easy — way to get enough moisture into your skin because you just slap ‘em on and continue about your day. (Inside, though…maybe don’t leave your house with one on?) The whole line of sheet masks from Lapcos is amazing, but I’m partial to their aloe version for soothing and hydrating between seasons. Think of it like a gentle hand to hold during a transition.

Once you’ve got your mask game under control, it’s time to exfoliate. The trees shed their dead leaves during fall, and so too should you be shedding the dead skin that’s likely built up on your face as a result of summer damage. If you don’t get rid of those dead skin cells, your face is going to look rough and dull…and will likely lead to some gnarly clogged pores. That said, make sure you’re getting rid of the dead skin in a gentle way that won’t irritate or strip your skin of much-needed moisture. If you’re a scrub gal, look for one that’s very gentle with hydrating ingredients, like Pai Skincare’s Kukui & Jojoba Bead Skin Brightening Exfoliator. For a bit more oomph — and for something you can also use on the scaly parts of your body — consider a tool like the Spin for Perfect Skin cleansing brush.

You will, of course, want to follow up all this masking and exfoliating with a great moisturizer, but know that the one you used during the summer when you were likely a bit oilier and exposed to more natural moisture thanks to humidity likely won’t cut it as temperatures continue to drop. Depending on your skin type and climate, consider switching to a creamier daytime moisturizer, like Pai’s Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream, and a richer night cream for an extra boost. (I like the Hydrating Cream from Joanna Vargas, layered with a lightweight serum that targets dark spots and hyperpigmentation — whoops, summer sun — for overnight use.)

If the transition is all too much for your summer-loving skin to bear and you find yourself breaking out, don’t panic. Your skin needs to get used to 1) these new temperatures and 2) your new skincare routine. I promise that in a week or two, things will settle down as the weather forecast gets its act together. In the meantime, you want to steer clear of any blemish-targeting masks or cleansers as they’re likely too drying to use right now and will further mess with your skin. 

Alright, now go pick some apples or eat a pumpkin baked good. You deserve it.

Nailed It: Tenoverten’s Nail Polish Is A Class Act

Nailed It: Tenoverten’s Nail Polish Is A Class Act

A co-founder of the popular nail salon, Tenoverten, Nadine Abramcyk talks to us about her brand’s origins and the importance of wellness in your nail care regime.

Zodiac sign:


What led you and your partner Adair to want to open a nail salon?

Tenoverten was born out of personal frustrations that there were no neighborhood nail salons that were thoughtful on multiple levels. My co-founder Adair Ilyinsky and I had no background in beauty, yet we were living in NYC and enjoyed getting our nails done together on a regular basis. We always thought we could improve on the model and started a list of things we would shift in the industry. One year after those conversations started we signed a lease for our first salon in Tribeca, and the rest is history. 

The name Tenoverten – where did it come from?

It is a reference to ten fingers over ten toes.

Tell us about the benefits of non-toxic nail care, and your 8-free philosophy?

Our mission is to remove as many potentially harmful chemicals from our nail polish and care products without sacrificing their quality and function. We believe there is no place for chemicals such as formaldehyde and camphor in nail products. Our mission is to expand our non-toxic nail care making it more accessible to everyone and the norm in the industry, replacing all the ‘nasties’ that are typically found in nail care. If you were to start with just a couple of things to replace in your nail care regiment it would be to start using a non-acetone remover and a clean 8-free base coat.

10 words to describe a Tenoverten salon visit:

Non-toxic, formaldehyde-free, safe, community, relaxing, uplifting, grounding, neighborhood, elevated, self-care.

You’ve also curated your own line of polishes. How did you arrive at the color palette?

We get inspired each season to release colors not only wearable for that particular time of year, but to also round out our entire 50+ color collection. We don’t look at trends, but rather think about what colors we as founders would want to wear ourselves and can’t find on our polish wall.

Your fave polish color?

Our Summer 2018 nude, Canal.

Your mantra:

Be Present in The Moment!

Pro tips on keeping nails healthy:

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate from the inside out, by drinking loads of water and from the outside in by using a 100% natural cuticle oil daily on your nail beds.

+ Shop Tenoverten here.

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