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Capable, compact Cubie

Capable, compact Cubie

Ever imagined you could have a cute little oven that would help you shine in the kitchen? Now from Panasonic, comes the smart Cubie NU-SC100WMPQ oven that does it all – from healthy frying, steaming and roasting to baking and fermenting. This nifty little kitchen appliance makes it all look easy too.

Because it’s been designed to contain no heating element, 100% of its 15L space (it’s 351mm high, 355mm wide and 455m deep) can be maximised for use, so there’s more than enough space in there to accommodate 1 steamed fish, 24 stuffed buns, 1 pizza or a roast chicken. Its large interior also features two tray levels which are adjustable, and allows you to cook two separate dishes at the same time.

It comes with a child safety lock to prevent accidents in the kitchen, and has a two-stage pull-down door which makes observation simple. Other plus points include it is easy to maintain and clean, comes with a large LCD screen, and has a deodorisation fuction (just press a key and voila! All the smells inside the oven cavity are gone!

It may be small, but the Cubie has the capacity to steam a whole fish or even roast a whole chicken. Photo: Panasonic

But what’s best is you get to flex your cooking muscles in the kitchen, and try out a different cooking method every day:

You can bake! The convection oven comes with a 276-hole scroll hot air design which allows food to be baked evenly – no need for you to keep turning the food around or messing with the temperatures.

You can fry! You get to reduce the amount of oil you use because the air helps the food fry easily. There’s also no need to worry about food sticking to the pot or a smoky kitchen.

You can steam! Adjustable baking temperatures help food retain its flavour and texture – crisp on the outside and moist on the inside, yum! As an added bonus, you can even sterilise baby bottles and tableware using the steam function.

The oven actually comes with three steam settings – low-temperature steaming (80°C), normal steaming (100°C) and high steaming (120°C).

The low temperature steam is designed to attain perfectly steamed vegetables. The normal steaming, meanwhile, delivers great tasting steamed dishes, while high steaming will definitely be a hit with the fitness buffs, looking to retain as much nutritional value and getting a quick, tasty meal while they are at it. Steam is generated in just 20 seconds and the oven can reach 100°C in three minutes.

You can ferment! Want to make pizza, dough, bread or yoghurt? No worries. Cubie has fermentation mode which helps you do all of that and more.

You can bake and roast! Precise temperature controls enable you to bake to your heart’s content. Cupcakes, brownies, dessert and meats – try them all, and you’ll be pleased with the results.

And don’t fret if you’re not the adventurous sort in the kitchen. Cubie has got you covered there too. The cute little oven comes with an auto cooking function, and lets you try at least 16 different dishes (like pizza, fried bananas, water-steamed cheesecake) at the touch of a button!

To find out more,plus get great recipe ideas, go to cooking.my.panasonic.com or scan the QR code on the right.


Black fungus and wolfberries can be cooked with the chicken for extra texture and sweetness. Photo: Panasonic

Recipe: Steamed Ginger Chicken

2 chicken legs
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp white pepper
1 tbsp sesame oil
150g young ginger chopped roughly
3 cloves garlic, chopped
2 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp oil
coriander leaves

1. Marinate chicken with salt, white pepper and sesame oil for 30minutes.
2. Place chopped ginger,
garlic, soy sauce and oil into a bowl and mix well.
3. Place chicken onto a ceramic plate and pour ginger mixture over.
4. Cook on Steam-High for 20minutes or until cooked.
5. Garnish with coriander leaves

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