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Curry laksa in Kuala Lumpur among Lonely Planet’s best food experiences

Curry laksa in Kuala Lumpur among Lonely Planet’s best food experiences

Curry laksa in Kuala Lumpur has been named the second-best food experience in the world by the tastemakers at travel guide Lonely Planet.

Asian dishes took five spots in the top 10. Besides the creamy piquant Malaysian noodle dish, sushi in Tokyo, som tam in Bangkok, bibimbap in Seoul and dim sum in Hong Kong were also best food experiences.

Pintxos in San Sebastián – the tapas of Spanish Basque country – topped the list that ranks the top 500 gastronomic experiences around the world.

Lonely Planet’s latest travel guidebook was created with the help of editors, food and travel writers. Ultimate Eatlist is a master list of 500 of the most authentic bucket-list culinary experiences across the globe.

The food experiences – in Canada, Norway, North Korea, Namibia and Chile, among others – were then evaluated and ranked according to taste, cultural importance and the “atmosphere of the location”.

Ultimate Eatlist also features contributions from top chef José Andrés and US food TV host Andrew Zimmern.

On curry laksa, the book recommends “fantastic little hawker centres tucked into the shadows of towering skyscrapers, and at Madras Lane, just off Petaling Street, you’ll come across competing curry laksa stalls vying for your attention”.

In The Star People’s Food Awards 2014-2015, the curry laksa at Limapulo: Baba Can Cook was judged the best.

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Here are the top 10 food experiences according to Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Eatlist:

1. Pintxos in San Sebastián, Spain
2. Curry laksa in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
3. Sushi in Tokyo, Japan
4. Beef brisket in Texas, USA
5. Som tum in Bangkok, Thailand
6. Smørrebrød in Copenhagen, Denmark
7. Crayfish in Kaikoura, New Zealand
8. Bibimbap in Seoul, South Korea
9. Pizza margherita in Naples, Italy
10. Dim sum in Hong Kong

Lonely Planet ultimate eatlist

Pintxos are the tapas of Spanish Basque country. Photo: AFP/Istock

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