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Dove’s new personal care range makes peace with dry skin

Dove’s new personal care range makes peace with dry skin

Feeling conscious over your flaky and dry skin? It’s time to be confident and proud of your skin! Then it’s time to check out the Dove DermaSeries skincare collection designed for those with severely dry and sensitive skin.

Itchy skin, flare ups and unsightly dots. Financial advisor Charlene Hor has been experiencing all the above and even bought the proverbial T-shirt concerning issues with her sensitive skin.

From young, Hor has endured problems like redness, stinging and tightness with her delicate skin. Visits to dermatologists were a norm. Sampling personal care products to cater to her severely dry and sensitive skin concerns were part and parcel of life.

“My sensitive skin has resulted in breakouts. I have always suffered from dots on my skin. Every day, I have to face clients, with my condition on full show. And I do get stares and I feel my client’s eyes all over me. It can be uncomfortable,” said Hor, 30, during the launch of personal care brand Dove’s DermaSeries skincare collection recently.

DermaSeries is completely hypoallergenic and fragrance-free the products helps elevate skin’s natural processes to restore and rejuvenate skin.

Allergy Centre Malaysia reports that it is estimated that one in five Malaysians live with severely dry skin conditions. With increasingly hectic lifestyles and exposure to changing temperature and humidity, more people are becoming prone to sensitive skin.

Dry skin occurs due to the lack in moisture in the stratum corneum – the outer cell layer of skin. In severely dry skin conditions, the stratum corneum becomes dysfunctional and is unable to repair itself. This results in cracked, itchy and painful skin.

Dove DermaSeries is accompanied by Dove’s latest campaign, “Make Peace With Dry Skin” an initiative which celebrates women living with dry skin conditions. The campaign aims to address social challenges faced by individuals with severely sensitive skin. It includes the common misconception that skin conditions are contagious.

Dove Dermaseries

Unilever global brand director (Dove DermaSeries) Tati Lindenberg hopes the new personal care products will encourage women with sensitive skin to feel proud of their skin. Photo: The Star/Art Chen

The launch of DermaSeries is also aimed at empowering people with sensitive skin to feel confident, positive and proud of their skin, says Unilever global brand director (Dove DermaSeries) Tati Lindenberg.

“The connection between anxiety and very dry skin is a significantly overlooked issue within the beauty industry. Products focus at the surface level. Dove DermaSeries hopes to change the way individuals living with dry skin conditions care for the skin,” said Lindenberg.

Living with sensitive skin has been a challenge but Hor has learnt to accept her skin condition. She advises others to stay positive.

“Acceptance is key. Be honest with yourself and people will be supportive of your condition.”

The Dove DermaSeries collection is available under the tag: Dry Skin Relief. The four products are available at leading pharmacies nationwide.

Gentle cleansing body wash is for extremely dry and itchy skin. It is formulated using sunflower oil and mild cleansing actives make it 10 times more nourishing than a regular body wash.

If you’re looking for a non-greasy and easily absorbed moisturiser, try Replenishing Body Lotion. It contains amino silk complex to replenish dry skin. For hands, use Replenishing Hand Cream, a quick-absorbing formula which a smooth and satin finish.

There’s also Expert Repairing Balm, a concentrated formula to repair driest spots including dry patches on knees, elbows and heels. For more details, go to dove.com/my/collections/dermaseries.

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