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Muca is an easy-to-use skincare that’s pretty powerful

Muca is an easy-to-use skincare that’s pretty powerful

Looking for skincare that covers the basics and is easy to use? Former beauty queen Elaine Daly recently introduced a new skincare range called Muca – derived from the word “muka” which means face in Malay.

As a working mother of two, Daly says she doesn’t have hours to sit in front of the mirror to groom herself.

Aside from her role as national director of the Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation (MUMO) and channel director of hurr.tv, Daly, who just gave birth four months ago to her second child, has taken on a new role as brand director for Muca – concocted by Malaysians and made in South Korea.

Combining the best of nature and the latest in technology, the Muca Vita Brightening complete skincare set – that comprises of an ampoule, foam cleanser, toner, night and day cream – is gentle, versatile and suitable for all skin types. Muca is priced at an affordable range from RM62 to RM127.


Elaine Daly says they are collaborating with the 2018 Miss Universe as the Official Skincare Sponsor so Muca will be highly visible at the international competition. Photo: The Star/Art Chen

“We are collaborating with the 2018 Miss Universe as the official skincare sponsor so you will be seeing a lot of Muca at the competition where it will be broadcast to 160 countries,” said Daly.

“We spoke with the Miss Universe organisation on this sponsorship earlier this year. They are very picky in who they choose for their official sponsors and after learning about Muca – which is a down to earth brand and a brand that is for the regular girl – they were very excited about the brand.”

“We realised that the skincare business is something that we wanted to get into so we conceptualised Muca at the end of 2016. We know there are a lot of skincare brands out there so we wanted to research this enough to know what consumers want and we spent a lot of time on R&D. We knew there was a gap in the market for affordable but effective skincare products so we came up with Muca,” Daly explains.

She says they chose to work with a South Korean lab because they are big on skincare and their technology has proven to be widely used by different brands.

Muca – which is free from parabens and SLS, and is certified by the Ministry of Health Malaysia – is currently sold online and available internationally. Like international brands, the brand has a pledge that if it doesn’t work you can return it in 30 days.

“On the ingredients and technology we worked with a top lab in South Korea and tweaked the ingredients to cater to our weather, and the packaging is recyclable,” she adds.

“Our star product is the Vita Brightening Ampoule which is rich in vitamin B (niacinamide) and C derivatives for clearer and evenly brightened skin. I put the ampoule in the fridge and just dab the cool product on my face. The following day, my blemishes and acne just disappears,” says Daly who calls herself a beauty junkie and has used tons of skincare brands.

“Ampoules usually come in little vials and are pricey but we have put the ingredients for an ampoule into a 50ml bottle that is effective and affordable,” says Karalynn Kwok, brand manager for Muca. Kwok says for best results it is advisable to use an entire set which gives you the ultimate result of brightening.

“Unlike brightening skincare that bleaches, this brightening range is not to make you fairer but to give you that glow in your skin and even out uneven skin tone,” Kwok explains.

“In the first quarter of 2019 we are looking at growing the range by introducing an eye cream and definitely sheet masks, a beauty product that is currently very popular,” Daly says.


The Muca Vita Brightening Day Cream SPF 30 boasts of natural ingredients such as aloe vera extract to fight UV rays and Asarum Sideboldi Root extract as a brightening agent.

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