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American model Emily DiDonato is the new face of Biotherm skincare

American model Emily DiDonato is the new face of Biotherm skincare

American model Emily DiDonato has just been picked by French luxury skincare brand Biotherm as the brand’s newest global skincare ambassador.

It was not only her beauty that caught the eye of French luxury skincare brand, but also her healthy lifestyle that nailed the deal.

The 27-year-old American model and Columbia psychology student joins Christy Turlington-Burns and Candice Swanepoel in representing the brand’s healing Life Plankton skincare.

Another element that sealed the deal was the fact that DiDonato was already a fan of Biotherm skincare years before she was approached by the brand.

The New Yorker of Italian, Irish and Native American ancestry, will make her campaign debut for Biotherm in June.

Away from the fashion runways, the model is the epitome of Biotherm’s natural approach to beauty, preferring unfiltered, fresh-faced skin in the images she shares with the world. This makes her the perfect match for Biotherm’s commitment to visibly transforming skin through the power of healing nature.

At the height of her career, Emily overcame her self-doubt to return to learning and is now studying Psychology at Columbia.

Between juggling photoshoots with writing papers, the insta-model shares the New York city model life: soul cycle, yoga and Vitamin D breaks upstate, in the mountains, or on the marathon route.

“I am so happy to join the Biotherm family. I’ve always loved the naturality of Biotherm products,” DiDonato said.

“I first started using Biotherm when my life was only travel. Their Life Plankton Essence was a transformation for that dry, tight, ‘can my skin handle any more’ feeling. All their formulas are based on Life Plankton, a super powerful ingredient that really helps to soothe and regenerate your skin. Right now, as I’m putting my skin through the added stress of organising my summer wedding, Biotherm couldn’t have called at a better time,” she said.

“Emily’s personal interest in Biotherm, her highly-active, nature loving lifestyle, make her the ideal ambassador for Biotherm’s healing efficacy,” said Biotherm GM David Fridlevski. “She’s not only an influential opinion shaper in the field of skincare, but also in healthy living. With her engagement with her community; she’s an absolutely natural choice for Biotherm.”

Emily DiDonato

It was not only Emily DiDonato’s beauty that caught the eye of Biotherm, but also her healthy lifestyle that nailed the deal.

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