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Sothys’ latest facial offers a refreshing seasonal pick me up

Sothys’ latest facial offers a refreshing seasonal pick me up

Every now and again, Sothys comes up with new treatments and products, often limited editions, and this time around you’re in for a treat because it has come up with its 2018 Autumn/Winter Edition, featuring a Vanilla-Passion Fruit Mineral Oxygenating Treatment.

I had the good fortune of luxuriating with a facial at Sothys Empire soon after I had returned from an overseas trip, and my skin was dry and weak from all the weather changes and air travel.

The treatment came with a 2-in-1 Mask Exfoliant for deep cleansing (a soft, rich pink clay with vanilla extracts rich in oxygen) and Oxy-mineral Radiance Treatment (with passion fruit extracts that act as antioxidants, and antitoxins like phytoplankton and yeast that promote cell regeneration).

There was also the relaxing modelling cream with vanilla extracts massaged into my skin to sooth and nourish, and finally the peel-off mask restored my skin’s glow.


The Vanilla-Passion Fruit Mineral Oxygenating Treatment from Sothys is a soothing and revitalising experience.

All in all, it was all very pleasurable for both my skin and my general disposition, as the fresh notes of passion fruit and vanilla seemed to marry joyously together and really lifted my spirits, making my face feel completely refreshed.

The seasonal treatment is now exclusively available at all Sothys salons nationwide until stocks last.

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