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‘I would not be that stupid’: Fazura denies ‘plagiarising’ fashion show finale

‘I would not be that stupid’: Fazura denies ‘plagiarising’ fashion show finale

Last Saturday (Aug 11), actress-turned-fashion designer Fazura became the talk of the town when she unveiled the latest collection of her fashion line, Fazbulous, at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week.

Besides the eye-catching pieces, netizens could not get enough of the dramatic gimmick at the end of the fashion show.

As Fazura came out on the runway for the customary bow, the models fell dramatically to the ground.

The 34-year-old then sashayed down the runway, maneuvering between the fallen models.

Videos of the fashion show’s dramatic end spread like wildfire on social media platforms. But less than 48 hours later after receiving positive comments, Fazura found herself lambasted by certain quarters.

Some began to point out that her show-stopping finale was similar to two other fashion show finales in the past, and accused Fazura of being a copycat.

In the first fashion show, Singapore-born, London-based designer Ashley Isham’s models also fell on the runway at the end of his show in 2014.

Ashley took to Instagram and aired his grievances on the matter.

In an exclusive interview with Star2, Fazura said she is not familiar with Ashley’s work and has never seen the fashion show in question.

“If I have seen his show, I would not be that stupid to copy exactly what he did because I know the repercussions. If I did that, it would tarnish my creativity and originality. So that’s something I would not do,” she said.

Fazura and Ashley later made peace through a phone call. She shared the contents of their conversation.

“I explained all that to him and he immediately came to his senses. He said he was really sorry and it was a complete misunderstanding. He didn’t know what was happening in Malaysia until somebody sent the video (of her fashion show) and provoked him, saying ‘you should highlight this as someone is copying you.’ ”

Ashley subsequently removed the post and followed up with another, stating the similarities between the two fashion show finales were coincidental.

“Let me clarify something about the post (now taken down) today. I am sorry for the misunderstanding. Fazura and myself have never met each other. Fashion is universal and a positive experience. Maybe it’s just a coincidence and GOD way to introduce us to each other. It was great talking to you earlier, Fazura. #positivityrules #positivevibes”

In the second fashion show, Belgian designer Dries Van Noten’s models sat gracefully on the runway at the end of his show in 2015.

Fazura admits she has seen Van Noten’s fashion show finale and drew inspiration from it.

“I saw his show a long time ago. I am a fan of him. When we brainstormed about the show, I told my team ‘I wanted my models to just drop (on the ground), something like Dries Van Noten.’ But for his show, the models sat down.”

Fazura explained how her models’ act of dropping to the ground (instead of sitting down) sent out an entirely different message from Van Noten’s fashion show.

“When I first appear on the runway, I represent every girl out there – the short, the tall, the girl with six fingers and so forth. The models represent those people who are always finding fault with us. But when I decide to walk straight on, that’s when the obstacles and the haters drop.”

Fazura also opened up about how she’s handling the controversy: “People love seeing two people fight and go into war. And I have a group of haters that spend almost 24 hours a day focusing on my life and trying to find any mistake about me so that they can feel better about themselves.

“But in the end, positivity and unity will always defeat hate.”

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