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Introducing The 1809 Fragrance Collection: Surf, Yoga, Zen

Introducing The 1809 Fragrance Collection: Surf, Yoga, Zen

Inspired by our roots and made in celebration of your spirit, these 3 signature scents will happily join you whenever/wherever you go…

When asked what the name Free People invokes, our community often muses on individuality, confidence, nature, love. (Safe to say that ALL of those words are accurate.) In celebrating our inherent values, and returning to our roots in Philadelphia — 1809 Walnut Street, the location of our first home office  — we introduce to you our newest collection of fragrances, aptly named 1809. Three very unique and all-natural fragrances, to be worn separately or layered together for a very unique scent experience.

The 1809 Collection was designed to accompany you to your favorite destinations, or transport you back to a special place in time: be it a sun-soaked beach (SURF), tranquil yoga studio (ZEN), or cool woodsy nook (CAMP). Most importantly, it reflects our communal love for Mother Earth — we’ve used only plant-based raw materials in its creation, free from synthetic materials, harsh chemicals, or colorants, to ensure it is 100% vegan. And because we know you’re always on the go, the travel-friendly 15ml size makes it easy to carry everywhere.

1809S – SURF

Madagascar Ylang Ylang, the “flower of flowers” and one of the main ingredients of our Surf fragrance, has been used by many cultures as a symbol of voluptuousness and seduction, and gives Surf an intensely fresh and solar note. Paired with warm layers of Italian lemon, Indian jasmine, and Tahitian coconut, this fragrance conjures up beachy daydreams.

1809Z – ZEN

Zen, with its notes of Australian eucalyptus and Brazilian tonka bean, will bring you to a meditative state of mind, perhaps sitting peacefully and quietly within the safe confines of your mat. But what holds Zen’s most powerful notes is the guaiac wood, found in the jungles of Paraguay, and whose woody aroma is commonly used the cleanse the mind of negative energies.

1809C – CAMP

Through notes of star anise, watermelon, Moroccan cedarwood and most especially Haitian Vetiver, you can drift into the intoxicating scent of pine and mossy trails. Vetiver, in particular, is what gives this fragrance its exotic and earthy aroma with smoky undertones, and is certified fair trade to support the local community of Haiti.

Choose the one that speaks to you, or experiment with all three by mixing them together, for an even more personalized fragrance. And, dare to use them non-traditionally – spraying on a towel/yoga mat/pillow/scarf will give your scent staying power.
For instance, the wood, herbal and smoky notes of Zen and Camp complement one another to create a rich earthy experience, balanced by the fresh and energizing notes of eucalyptus (found in Zen) and watermelon (found in Camp).
To brighten up the otherwise grounding and earthy notes of Zen or Camp, layer in a spritz of Surf which will add a soft floral, citrusy and creamy gourmand element to your scent.

The 1809 Collection is only available in US and Canada stores, on FP.com and our Free People app. 

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