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A good night’s sleep is a must

A good night’s sleep is a must

SLEEPING well is beneficial to your mental and physical health as well as quality of life. Lack of sleep, however, can affect your daytime energy, productivity, emotional balance and even weight. Many, nevertheless, struggle to get the much-needed sleep, tossing and turning at night.

Your brain needs seven to nine hours of good sleep every day and a day well spent can bring about a peaceful slumber. Daytime routines and bedtime habits can have an impact on how well you sleep and here are some things that can deprive you of one:

Working late into the night – Avoid work or paying bills at night, particularly in the bedroom. They require too much concentration and have the potential to be upsetting or frustrating. Discovering that you do not have enough to pay the rent is not relaxing at any time of day, let alone at bedtime.

Spicy food and heavy meals – Your body needs coolness during sleep, but spicy food raises body temperature and gives you heartburn. Discomfort is also certainty when you lie down. Big, heavy meals are sleep killers too.

Caffeine and nicotine – Caffeine can cause sleep problems up to 10 to 12 hours after a cuppa. Similarly, smoking is another stimulant that can disrupt your sleep, especially if you smoke close to bedtime.

Alcohol – You may think that passing out after one too many drinks will get you deeper sleep, but you will often find yourself feeling as if you hardly slept at all. Going to sleep after a night of drinking disrupts normal sleep processes and can cause other side effects.

Body static – As we go about our daily lives coming into contact with or brushing against objects, our body picks up electrons, causing body static. The use of electronic devices such as smartphones and laptops also accumulates electrons and these can leave us feeling tense and uncomfortable.

The effects of static electricity are familiar to most people because people can feel, hear, and even see the spark. These electrons results in uneasiness in bed, preventing deep sleep. To make your sleep better, do you know how often should you change your mattress? According to the National Sleep Foundation, a good mattress lasts for nine to 10 years. However, it is advisable to replace your mattress every five to seven years if you do not sleep well.

Goodnite Mattress helps Malaysians get a good night’s sleep with comfortable beds and quality bedding materials, which contain the proprietary antistatic Statfree layer that neutralises static electricity. Statfree makes it possible for users to be free from static sleeping problem, headaches, fatigue and sickness.
Goodnite’s Statfree Love Series consists of three ranges with different designs – Forever Love, Eternal Love and True Love.

Statfree helps you sleep deeper and wake up fresher. This advanced sleep system allows you to recover from fatigue faster so that you can live life to the fullest.

For details, visit Goodnite at http://goodnite.com.my// or Goodnite’s FaceBook page: @Mygoodnite or call the hotline at 03-3250 2218.

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