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Time Zone offers watch enthusiasts the hottest contemporary designs

Time Zone offers watch enthusiasts the hottest contemporary designs

To feed a growing interest in timepiece collecting, Habib Group has relaunched its watch division. It looks to offer watch enthusiasts in Malaysia a choice of contemporary brands.

The new Time Zone retail store (located in Ampang) carries designs from watchmakers such as WilliamL. 1985, Techne Instruments, Greyhours, Corniche, Bravur and Marathon Watch.

Marathon Watch is a company known for producing timepieces for government and military orders. As such, each design offered is the very definition of durability and function.

While Techne was founded in Sweden by an industrial designer Francis Jacquerye, Greyhours is of French origin and is known for its minimalist, clean and sleek watches.

Time Zone

Mirzan Meer, director of Time Zone.

Corniche and Bravur are Swedish brands known for having an elegant aesthetic. WilliamL. 1985, on the other hand, emphasises more on a chic, neo-classical French feel.

“Having pursued a formal education in design myself, I knew what it meant to fall in love with creating products and sharing it with the world,” said Mirzan Meer, director of Time Zone.

“We were more inclined to work with brands whose founders are still directing their growth. The objectives are purer; of course, profit is important, but growth also means spreading the culture and developing the brand value”

Accordingly, Time Zone believes that collecting timepieces is not just a hobby for the affluent. It sees it as a passion that can be shared by everyone who appreciates good style.

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