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Dazzle with Habib’s batik-inspired jewellery this Raya

Dazzle with Habib’s batik-inspired jewellery this Raya

Habib, the jewellery brand synonymous to jewellery aficionados and diamond collectors across Malaysia is presenting its annual Rantaian Kasih collection inspired by traditional Malaysian batik motifs.

The inspiration behind this year’s collection is said to have stemmed from the similarities derived from the 60-year-old brand’s history and the artistry behind batik making.

“Similar to batik making, at Habib, creativity, craftmanship, quality and knowledge were passed down for generations to come,” reads a press statement by the brand, regarding its latest designs.

“We want to highlight that both batik and jewellery have similar design aesthetics, from the earthy colour tones to the floral designs featured in rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings encrusted in diamonds and multi-coloured gemstones.”

As a Malaysian brand that is deeply rooted from the cultural and artistic heritage of the country, Habib is introducing exquisite interpretations of designs inspired by the delicate artistry behind the batik art for the collection.

For this year’s Rantaian Kasih campaign, the brand features celebrity Rozita Che Wan and her daughter Aaisyah Dhia Rana, as the pair truly embodies the theme of tradition and culture to cultivate love among family members.

They even made a special appearance alongside stars such as Mawi, Ifa Raziah, Ruhainies, Nabil Mahir and Zain Saiddin for a “meet and greet” during the campaign’s event.


Time Zone offers watch enthusiasts the hottest contemporary designs

Time Zone offers watch enthusiasts the hottest contemporary designs

To feed a growing interest in timepiece collecting, Habib Group has relaunched its watch division. It looks to offer watch enthusiasts in Malaysia a choice of contemporary brands.

The new Time Zone retail store (located in Ampang) carries designs from watchmakers such as WilliamL. 1985, Techne Instruments, Greyhours, Corniche, Bravur and Marathon Watch.

Marathon Watch is a company known for producing timepieces for government and military orders. As such, each design offered is the very definition of durability and function.

While Techne was founded in Sweden by an industrial designer Francis Jacquerye, Greyhours is of French origin and is known for its minimalist, clean and sleek watches.

Time Zone

Mirzan Meer, director of Time Zone.

Corniche and Bravur are Swedish brands known for having an elegant aesthetic. WilliamL. 1985, on the other hand, emphasises more on a chic, neo-classical French feel.

“Having pursued a formal education in design myself, I knew what it meant to fall in love with creating products and sharing it with the world,” said Mirzan Meer, director of Time Zone.

“We were more inclined to work with brands whose founders are still directing their growth. The objectives are purer; of course, profit is important, but growth also means spreading the culture and developing the brand value”

Accordingly, Time Zone believes that collecting timepieces is not just a hobby for the affluent. It sees it as a passion that can be shared by everyone who appreciates good style.

Malaysian jeweller Habib celebrates 60 years of dazzling heritage

Malaysian jeweller Habib celebrates 60 years of dazzling heritage

Sixty years. That is how long Habib has been around in Malaysia as a homegrown brand synonymous with exquisite fine jewellery and quality craftsmanship.

From a small shop nestled along Penang’s famed “Jewellers Corner” on Pitt Street, to now, a fully integrated company with customers from all around the world, it has come far.

The secret to Habib’s enduring success? Probably the penchant it has for embodying the best of Malaysian creativity, innovation, craftsmanship and value. That, and the respect for its customers.

“People buy jewellery for two reasons. Adornment and investment. When it comes to investment, people want to buy something from someone they can trust,” states Datuk Sri Meer Sadik Habib, managing director of Habib Group.


According to Meer, the Habib brand is built on trust. Photo: The Star/Kamarul Ariffin

“I’m very proud of my late father who founded the company. He was seen as a very trustworthy person,” he says, adding, “If you want to put your money somewhere, it will be with someone you can trust.”

Meer points out that he is also proud of Habib for being a Malaysian brand through and through. According to him, this is what sets it apart from a lot of the other local brands found here.

“You can see them trying their best to be a bit different. They try to come across as being more Western. Giving themselves a French name, for instance. This mentality has to change.”

In line with the 60th year celebration, Habib launched the Heritage Journey showcase, which features exclusive jewellery pieces drawing inspiration from Malaysia’s rich culture.

Having kicked off at The Curve, Petaling Jaya, it is now moving to IOI City Mall, Putrajaya. From Nov 24 to Dec 2, visitors will be able to catch a glimpse of some of the brand’s timeless designs.

“It’s the first time we are doing such an exhibition. Our events are usually focused on sales. But it’s a little bit different this time. We want people to pay us a visit, and just learn about our history,” comments Meer.

“I think my favourite heritage piece is the kerongsang. It’s a Peranakan design that is made to be worn with a kebaya. I love it. It really has so much history in the design.”

He favours some of the earrings made out of old-cut diamonds as well. According to him, the way the diamonds are cut back then are a little different from what is done today.


The Heritage Journey showcase features exclusive jewellery pieces drawing inspiration from Malaysia’s rich culture.

“When we look at the heritage pieces, we realise that there are two things that are important to us. Creativity and timelessness. Anything we put out there must be special and unique.”

As it is, Habib is not one to forget its heritage. Its first store in Penang still stands today. The double-storey shop – which features Jawi Peranakan interior and architectural designs – is a tribute to the founder himself.

“It’s a very nostalgic feeling. We come from Penang, it’s our birthplace. To me, it’s a location with a lot of character. So thinking about it brings about a feeling of pride,” says Meer.

“My father was a man with unconventional ideas who served as a testament that anything was achievable through hard work and determination. Habib, which he started from zero, has evolved into much more.”

The diamond jubilee celebration is also marked with the launch of a new jewellery collection. It comprises designs that are inspired by the heritage pieces, but with modern updates.

Aside from the heritage showcase, Habib is also offering fabulous and exclusive promotions. This will run throughout its 60th anniversary campaign to mark the illustrious occasion.

“We are very, very Malaysian. I would say that the take-home message of our showcase is to be proud of our Malaysian heritage and be proud of Malaysia,” concludes Meer.

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