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5 hairstyles from the 1990s that are today’s hottest hair trends

5 hairstyles from the 1990s that are today’s hottest hair trends

Hair is often enough seen as a girl’s biggest accessory. With many hairstyles surfacing, it seems we are not limited as there is a wide variety of choices.

Despite new inventions of hairstyles, we have seemingly travelled back in time to the 1990s. Brace yourselves as the popular era is back with a vengeance.

Here are five of the most-loved 90s hairdos resurfacing in the millenial age.


Whether you call them space buns or pop star buns, the best-loved and one of the most go-to hairstyle of the 90s has been revived and is totally wearable this year.

Back in the day, these were characterised as overtly fun. Presently, styling a pair of buns makes one stand out in a crowd and that’s probably why it will remain popular.

Retro Waves

Nothing screams 90s nostalgia more than the retro waves. Just like they did back in the era, they are still a representation of elegance, class and femininity. This hairstyle comes in variations of length, ranging from super short to long hair.

The concept behind them was to create a softer and more feminine look to the women that had short hair in the olden days.

Ironically, they became more embraced in the 90s especially in popular culture. The style resurgence is usually attributed to Missy Elliot in her Afrofuturistic music videos.


Half Up, Half down

Another style that has been another major flashback for the millenials is the famous half up, half down hairstyle. Be it on braided hair, or curly and wavy or on straight hair, this style manages to bring the funk. Perhaps that’s why it is still an “in” thing.

The half up, half down can be styled with some throwback accessory trend with either a 90s scrunchie or some butterfly clips.

Retro Bangs

Retro bangs are essentially just feathered or blunt bangs that start at a few inches from your eyebrows.

Currently identifying as the “cool-girl” hair trend, retro bangs are definitely for the edgy and bold. None­the­less, they manage to create a soft look as they put all face features on display.

Back in the 90s they were worn by Gwen Stefani and Winona Ryder. Now, they have managed to be a red carpet favourite, with most celebrities rocking them – from Emma Watson, to Emma Roberts and Zendaya.

Sleek Ponytail

Its simplicity and sleekness has brought it this far. Not only that, it also oozes glamour on versatile levels. Adaptable whether it’s going to the gym or for a job interview, the sleek ponytail is a true wide-ranger and is perfect for every occasion. It comes as no surprise that it was also easily wearable in the 90s as it is now.


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