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Empties: Our Beauty Buyer’s Picks — National Hair Day Edition

Empties: Our Beauty Buyer’s Picks — National Hair Day Edition

Our Beauty Buyer Amanda tells us why these six cruelty-free — and 100% cool — hair products are good to the literal last drop…

This is my all-time favorite dry shampoo, leaving my hair feeling and smelling fresh. Totally absorbs oils and never leaves any residue! Playa’s Pure Dry Shampoo has completely changed my need to wash my hair every day  I also love to use this product as a texturizing spray on clean hair.

Voir Hair Masque 

The inspiration behind this product is what first drew me to it — “inspired by the soothing tranquility of a cool rain”… I mean, dreamy! Then I tried it and I can’t stop using it. My hair tends to be quite dry but this really locks in moisture and makes my hair feel so soft.

This oil smells like a dream and leaves your hair feeling so soft!

Hum Hair Sweet Hair

Ever decide to chop your hair short and then you’re like, WHAT DID I DO? Who am I?? Hair Sweet Hair to the rescue — helping your hair to grow quickly and stay super strong.


This is literally like a smoothie for your hair. Makes your hair super soft and will have it smelling amazing for the entire day.

Completely eliminates static and tames flyaways! I especially love to use it on humid days, because it reduces frizz and leaves you with a polished look.

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