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Anti-static mattress for better sleep

Anti-static mattress for better sleep

DO you ever experience those little electric shocks when you shut the car door or when you touch someone?

As we go about our everyday lives touching or brushing against objects, our bodies continually pick up electrons. Moreover, we feel tense, anxious and uncomfortable as daily usage of electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets accumulates electrons that cause body static.

The effects of static electricity are familiar to most people because we can feel, hear and even see the spark.

At night, disturbance of excessive electrons results in uneasiness in bed, preventing restful deep sleep.

Excess electrons do not discharge easily as our bodies can withstand very high voltages of up to 30,000 volts. If we were to carry our highly charged bodies to bed, our tense bodies would prevent us from relaxing and we would not be able to experience the deep sleep stages necessary for our health and well being.

If our body accumulates a high voltage of static, we will fail to undergo metabolism and our cells become weak. We will be easily affected by illnesses and the ageing process will accelerate.

Drain away tension as you sleep
Goodnite introduces a new series of mattresses woven with carbon threads that discharge electron and eliminates body static effectively. StatFree is the latest brainchild of mattress experts.

StatFree mattresses are made of a revolutionary mattress fabric that incorporates Anti-Static technology. The StatFree mattress ticking is made by combining natural and synthetic fibres and contains ultra-fine carbon fibre thread that draws static electricity accumulated on our bodies and sends it out into the air at low

The anti-static mattresses will help the body discharge static electricity at voltages as low as 4,000 volts. This means tension literally drains from your body while you are in bed.

Your body can relax and get the rest it needs. In fact, research shows that you will wake up feeling better rested and need, on average 20 minutes less sleep.

Benefits of Anti-Static:
> StatFree helps the body discharge static electricity, helping the body to relax better.

> Able to relax and experience deeper levels of sleep.

> Less tossing and turning in bed.

> Need for less sleep – up to 20 minutes less.

> Feeling of waking up better rested.

> Anti-static function operates throughout the life of the mattress.

> Anti-static function has the added benefit of repelling dust.

Love series mattresses

Harith has signed on as Goodnite’s brand ambassador.

Goodnite International Sdn Bhd, the largest bedding manufacturer in Malaysia recently launched its new range of mattresses known as Love Series.

Famous Malaysian comedian Harith Iskander and MYFM radio DJ Jack Lim attended the product launching ceremony and signed on as brand ambassadors.

Love Series consists of three sets of products with different designs, including Forever Love, True Love and Eternal Love, providing more choices for consumers.

There is the five-zone pocket spring system that contour to our body shape, Double Posture Coil system for better back support and the latest innovation, which is organic foam made with palm oil. These innovations are able to incorporate various sleep requirements so that consumers can enjoy a pleasurable sleep.

In addition, this series of products use Goodnite’s patented anti-static technology – StatFree. It uses carbon fibre in the manufacturing of mattress fabric, which can effectively neutralise static electricity in the human body while ensuring quality sleep.

Since its establishment, Goodnite holds the belief that every individual should obtain sufficient sleep and good health, therefore the company places great emphasis on creating quality mattresses and bedding products.

Products of Love Series are produced with elegant and practical designs as the company hopes to bring more trust and benefits to the public.

For details, visit Goodnite’s website at http://goodnite.com.my or Goodnite’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MyGoodnite

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