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Fine-dining contest puts vegetables in the spotlight

Fine-dining contest puts vegetables in the spotlight

The fifth edition of the world’s first and only competition for haute vegetarian cuisine is set to take place May 12-13 in Milan, where chefs will be challenged to make the plant kingdom the star of the plate.

At Vegetarian Chance, competitors will battle it out using strictly vegetarian and vegan ingredients for their fine dining dishes.

Despite its name, the competition bans the use of any animal-derived ingredients including eggs and dairy products, making the event quasi-vegan.

Each chef must present two recipes, one of which must showcase ingredients from their place of origin (but cannot include staples like spices, cocoa and condiments like olive oil, salt or ginger), the other a carte blanche for the chef’s creativity.

Products must also be organic.

Culinary alchemy of the chemical kind is also discouraged, as additives like dyes, glutamates, synthesised alginates and artificial flavours are banned.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfCXdA1u8gY?feature=oembed&w=770&h=433]

However, natural thickeners, sweeteners and seasonings like starch, agar, spice mixes, pesto, jams, flavoured salts, special oils, almond creams, or other dried fruits can be used instead.

Dishes will be judged on everything from idea, esthetics and taste to nutritional value, cooking and sustainability.

Judges will include chefs, a physician, environmentalist, food and wine journalists and personalities in the vegetarian community. – AFP Relaxnews

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