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3 fashion labels offering beautifully demure headscarves

3 fashion labels offering beautifully demure headscarves

Headscarves are certainly big business in Malaysia. These days, there are boutiques selling it in all malls. You can even spot long lines of customers whenever certain brands release a fresh collection.

Duck is one good example. It has built such a strong following that every release of new designs generate a palpable excitement. They often sell out within hours too – which says a lot.

The brand’s latest collection, The Unity Duck, is inspired by Turkey. The designs feature a beautiful tiled motif backdrop inspired by the famous Blue Mosque of Istanbul.

Available in 10 shades and crafted in satin silk, they come with the brand’s iconic Duck charm, but this time, with a surprise twist – two hanging tassels as a nod to Turkish culture.

International clothing brand Bokitta has recently opened its first concept store in Malaysia. It is aiming to take the Malaysian market by storm by launching its patented pinless headscarves here.

The new Taj designs are said to be suitable for a wide range of face shapes. It can be styled in at least five different ways and now comes in two lengths.


Naelofar Hijab, founded by popular actress Noor Neelofa, has also come out with a new collection. According to the label, this line celebrates women and their unique cultures and backgrounds.

There are three designs. Fuji depicts a scenic artwork of the majestic Mount Fuji splashed across the background, while Chizu draws from the richness of artistry in Chinese rugs and tapestries.

The final design, Hanako, sports large blooms of hydrangeas. Accordingly, the floral artwork is set on top of a classical circular oriental pattern and other geometric shapes.



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