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Brahim’s new fried rice is ready to eat in one minute!

Brahim’s new fried rice is ready to eat in one minute!

In today’s busy world, people are constantly in a hurry. There is never enough time to do anything, which also means meals need to be prepared very, very quickly.

For these busy people, Brahim’s newly-launched Light-Meal Rice will prove to be a much-needed boon.

The Light-Meal Rice comes in three flavours – Chinese style fried rice, spicy fried rice and soy sauce fried rice – and is ideal for busy urbanites, students, adventure sports enthusiasts and travellers as it only needs to be heated up in the microwave for one minute, before being consumed. An alternative method is to leave it in boiling water for five minutes before eating. For those without access to either heating option, the rice can even be consumed as is.

“Most food tastes better when you warm it up. Likewise, our product is better if it’s warm. With travellers who are eating the rice in hotels, what they can do is put it under hot running water till it’s warm. We have even heard of American soldiers who strap it on their bodies while running or trekking to use their body heat to heat up the pack,” says Dewina Holdings Sdn Bhd executive chairman Datuk Seri Ibrahim Ahmad.

Unlike Brahim’s premium rice range which uses basmathi rice and comes in a portion size of 250gm, the Light-Meal Rice is made with long grain rice, and comes in 180gm portions, ideal for solo meals. The lightweight concept extends to the calorie count, which clocks in at around 300 calories per pack.


Dewina Holdings Sdn Bhd group managing director Nur Fatin Ibrahim, Ibrahim and sales and marketing manager Mohamad Fazil Othman introduce Brahim’s new Light-Meal Rice packs.

“If you’re looking at light meals, this is light but gives you fullness and satisfaction after a meal. If you take it three times a day and add vegetables and fruits to complete the meal, you will be consuming under 2,000 calories, so you could lose weight,” says Ibrahim.

While the rice does not contain meat, it does have shrimp and anchovies in it. Taste-wise, all three rice meals pack a flavourful punch – the spicy fried rice has a fiery kick, while the Chinese fried rice is essentially comfort food in a pack. The soya sauce fried rice meanwhile boasts rich, full-bodied flavours in every mouthful.

All three options provide quick, easy nourishment for people looking for hassle-free everyday meals.


Seasoned mountain climbers and hikers Muhammad Noor Hilman (right) and Che Faathir Ilias Ariffin demonstrate how easy it is to prepare the rice packs, which makes them ideal for camping trips.

If you’re worried about additives in your food, rest assured that Brahim’s Light-Meal Rice is devoid of MSG, artifical colouring and artificial preservatives.

The meals are priced at RM6.99 each, available at most supermarkets and hypermarkets and sold in light, compact bacteria-resistant retort pouches with a shelf life of 18 months.

The Light-Meal Rice is part of Brahim’s Meal-Ready-To-Eat (MRE) rice, which was introduced in 2010.

Given the increasing popularity and demand for quick meals, Brahim’s expects the Light-Meal Rice to contribute 15% of total retort pouch sales in its product category.

“It is the perfect choice for those on-the-go who are looking for a quick and affordable, yet healthy and filling meal,” says Ibrahim.

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