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Watermelon Mania! 4 Super Refreshing Fruity Products to Soothe Your Skin and Body  

Watermelon Mania! 4 Super Refreshing Fruity Products to Soothe Your Skin and Body  

Watermelon-inspired beauty products are about to take over our feed — here’s why this fruit will make you glow from head to toe.

Who knew that watermelon — that classic fruit of summer and all good childhood memories — is packed with so many health and beauty benefits? The red flesh is filled with lycopene to help fight inflammation along with antioxidants and vitamin C to counteract the effects of environmental free radicals. Plus, it’s naturally high in water, which keeps your body hydrated and energized.

Now beauty brands are realizing the potential of this juicy fruit — and releasing a fresh crop of watermelon-based products just in time for summer. Here, we rounded up our favorites that you can eat or slather on (no slicing required).

For Your Skin and Lips:

A Super Refreshing Sheet Mask: Kocostar’s Watermelon Slice Sheet Masks are saturated with pure watermelon extract to help rehydrated dry, parched skin. Each pack comes with 12 individual masks, which can be used all over (not just on your face but your neck, arms and legs).

A Juicy Lip Balm: Winky Lux’s Watermelon Jelly Balm has a cool, gel-like texture that melts into your lips, an irresistible watermelon scent and a clear color that adapts to your skin’s pH to create a customized pink flush.

For Your Body:

A Nourishing Powder: Dope Naturally’s Melonaid plant-based protein powder is made from unsprouted watermelon seeds — which are an incredible source of skin-strengthening amino acids — plus oxygen-enhancing beets and antioxidant-rich dragonfruit to balance your complexion. Blend a spoonful into your smoothie or sprinkle over yogurt (or ice cream, wellness sundaes anyone?).    

A Clean Treat: You can snack on Sakara Life’s Watermelon Jerky and feel good knowing that the only ingredient in here is…100 percent pure watermelon (there’s not a single chemical or filler). Sweet and dried, these little strips satisfy a sugar craving without making you crash later.

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Kiss Chapped Lips Goodbye with This New Mask

Kiss Chapped Lips Goodbye with This New Mask

Kocostar’s hydrogel patches seal in hydration that lasts for hours and deliver a mini self-care moment for you, too.

Keeping your lips moisturized in winter can sometimes feel like a never-ending battle. Lip balm is great but you often have to keep applying it — over and over again. And if you forget your tube somewhere — ahhhh — that tight, cracked skin instantly comes back.

Isn’t there an easier solution, you might wonder? Enter Kocostar Lip Masks. Similar to how you apply a hydrating mask on your face, these nifty hydrogel patches stick to your lips to deliver a heavy dose of hydration. Each fun, fruit-inspired one is enriched with botanicals, including caster seed oil, blueberry extract, aloe leaf juice powder and peppermint extract. To use, simply pop on your (clean) lips and let sit for about 10 minutes. Since the mask forms an occlusive barrier over your skin, the ingredients penetrate deeper than any balm. After you remove, make sure to rub in the remaining gel for extra nourishment. The result: super moisturized, dewy and plump lips for hours.

The only slightly awkward part is that while the mask is on you can’t talk or move your lips. Also, it helps to lean back or lay down to keep the mask in place. But take this as a self-care moment: meditate, listen to a podcast, tune inward for 10 minutes. If this means never having to worry about chapped lips again, consider this time well spent.

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