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40 #Chickpea #Flour #Recipes (#GlutenFree #Vegan Vegetarian) ---->

Easy Banana Cardamom Ginger #Muffins (#GlutenFree) https://t.co/HaXK5zHpe1 via @moonspoonyum

20 Best Vegan Keto Recipes for a Low-Carb Diet https://t.co/qPEILU5MzE via @moonspoonyum

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The shortest and truest answer is because most of the people there are black. The president does not care about anybody that’s not white. #maga #ImpeachTrump #fucktrump #racism

Stone Cold@stonecold2050

Flint Michigan needs $167 million to fix their water problem. Why isn’t this a national emergency?

Remember when #AndyDick was funny and almost relevant on television?

Me neither. It was too long ago.

C-list porn guy @JakeOrion93 posts bigoted rant about Pete Davidson and @ArianaGrande, calls Pete "vulgar, derogatory, a "weed addict", says Grande is a "7 or 8", then disses @KateBeckinsale. It's all bizarre and random. He tried for edgy, came up douchey.

I’m going to say it, #AllStars4 was a bust. A double crown felt lame & cheap. No shade to the final 4, but half of them won. Not really a competition or a win at that point.
#AllStars needs to stop every year. It’s too much & cheapens to the franchise.
They playin’ teams again?!

This is about the dumbest shit I've heard today. And it hasn't been a slow news weekend, mind you. Trump, Smollet, Miranda Lambert tossin' salads before and after marriage - there's some shit going on. And someone's comparing Bruno & Cardi to Marvin & Tammi? Uh, not today, Satan.

Terry Hollis@Loyal_tea1

Cardi & Bruno Mars are the modern day Marvin Gaye & Temmi Terrell #pleaseme is my JAM

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It's never too late to get your healthy new year resolutions back on track! I shared four tips yesterday on CBS WTOC. Find them at https://t.co/pIS9nAZuJL & https://t.co/Dqrwz6h8j4. @swervesweetie @SimplyOrgFoods #healthyresolutions #healthytips #nutritionbymia


#ad || NEW post! || Busy week? Make a sheet pan supper! This Sheet Pan Moroccan Chicken with Broccoli Rice and Sweet Potatoes makes it easy it is to #CookForJoy, even on a weeknight! Made with @SimplyOrgFoods and @the_feedfeed https://t.co/5Cb0TuoU2a

When life gives you lemons, make a perfect 5-ingredient summer drink that's flavorful, fresh and golden. https://t.co/TInRA1GNTO

@SimplyOrgFoods has introduced four new Pre-Brew Coffee Spices, allowing consumers to brew rich spice flavors right into fresh coffee. https://t.co/m3yBoOeb7D

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