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No Bake Super Seed Cinnamon #Maca Energy Squares ---> https://t.co/0BeKxMcArW @zenspiritfoods @goraw @BobsRedMill

✨Happy Tuesday, everyone. 😊New to the blog are these No Bake Super Seed Cinnamon Maca Energy Squares! These little gluten-free & vegan bars are packed with energy boosting and hormone… https://t.co/h5m0u6QRJB

Gluten-Free Vegan Lentil Minestrone Soup https://t.co/y38x6dNYvT via @moonspoonyum

☕ The holiday season is the perfect time to slow down, move within, and plan for the year to come. One way to make this time richer and more memorable is by incorporating nourishing, warming foods and beverages such as a... https://t.co/cCEK8rvT5M

✨Happy Thursday! This high-protein Gluten-Free and Vegan Lentil Minestrone Soup is packed with hearty, healthy, and delicious ingredients and can be ready on the table in under 30 minutes!… https://t.co/iWDrtODFb8

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I saw an interview between George R. R. Martin and @StephenKing. GRRM asked him how he writes so much. SK said he works on about 5-6 pages a day. Really works them over, and makes them good, draft, redraft, rewrite; about 4 hours to do that.

Trump should make the wall out of Hillary's emails since no one can get over them.

In other news 'Do You Hear What I Hear?' is banned for being offensive to those suffering from schizophrenia.

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When life gives you lemons, make a perfect 5-ingredient summer drink that's flavorful, fresh and golden. https://t.co/TInRA1GNTO

@SimplyOrgFoods has introduced four new Pre-Brew Coffee Spices, allowing consumers to brew rich spice flavors right into fresh coffee. https://t.co/m3yBoOeb7D

Congrats to @nybg on the grand opening of the Edible Academy this weekend! We’re honored to be the Herbs and Seasonings Partner of this innovative facility. Learn how you can get involved here: https://t.co/jWq7uTjFTt.

Start the new year right and try our delicious smokey #vegan mushroom #cheeseburger recipe made with our favorite @SimplyOrgFoods spices! #simplyorganic_partner https://t.co/L06Qbm2kHR

You can't beat this #GlutenFree Baked #Vegan Bacon Ranch #Pasta Skillet! https://t.co/Ub1ptmFBYV #dairyfree #allergyfree #celiac #top8free @ronzonipasta @So_Delicious @LodgeCastIron @SimplyOrgFoods

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